Cassidy & Cassidy Drain unblocking

We can assist you with:  

- Sewage Backup  

- Sewage and Septic Line Unfreezing  

- Toilet, Sink and Bathtub Unblocking  

- Root Infiltration  

- Iron Ochre  

- French Drain Cleaning and Unblocking  

- Removal of grease buildup


A clog in your drain isn’t just an inconvenience that puts your life on hold, it can cause some serious damage. Clogs can cause pipes to leak, which can flood your house and damage your home and your belongings.  

Keep your drains running smoothly with Cassidy & Cassidy Déblocage/Unblocking. Our reliable and experienced team is equipped to unblock drains of all sizes and is happy to provide 24/7 Emergency Service.  

We have invested in state-of-the-art equipment to handle all of your drain-related needs.  

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One of our preferred methods for unblocking drains is hydro-jetting. It is the only method that will not only unblock your pipes, but clean them as well, leaving you with years of smooth running drains. Using up to 3000 psi and 8 gallons of water per minute, hydro-jetting will eliminate grease, oil and sediment buildup, as well as any other form of blockage.  

Hydrojetting can also be used to remove ice present in sewer lines, in connections to the city, septic tanks and French Drains.  

Hydro jet drain cleaning has a wider range of applications than drain snaking. Drain snaking only removes larger pieces of debris like hair, toys, or pieces of plastic. It misses things like dirt, grease, and mineral buildup, which can cause frequent clogs and buildup. It is also more effective for large jobs that have larger pipes because the pressurized stream can reach and clean areas that drain snakes cannot. If you have a large drain with larger pieces of debris, you’ll need hydro jet cleaning to get the job done. 

With hydro jet cleaning, the water jet doesn’t just clear the debris, but it also removes any grease, mineral buildup, hair, dirt, and other materials from the drain. It’s also more effective for multiple blockages or blockages that are further down the pipe because the powerful stream can push them out together. This makes hydro jet cleaning a more thorough and complete process than drain snaking, which can miss the debris that is causing your problems. But hydro jet cleaning is also a longer, more complex process than drain snaking.  

Hydro jet drain cleaning requires a Drain Specialist because the high-pressure jet can be dangerous and cause damage. Before the Specialist cleans your drain, they have to use a camera to inspect the blockage and the pipe. If they discover weak or damaged sections of the pipe, they won’t be able to use the hydro jet on your pipes. The pressure from the pipe is so intense that it can cause additional damage to pipes that are already weak or damaged, which can cause you further headaches.  

For more information on the benefits of drain snaking vs hydrojetting, visit our blog

Preventative Maintenance with Drain Cleaning/Hydro-Jetting

Most people will wait until they have a problem before ever thinking about their drains. A small amount of foresight though, could prevent most problems from even occurring down the road. Piping in your home, store, restaurant, or industrial building, should always be cleaned regularly. Hydro-jetting combined with regular camera inspections can help prevent blockages caused by dirt and debris build-up, and the resulting flooding.  

If you’ve already noticed that: 

-Your drains are running slowly

-Unpleasant smells are coming from your drains-Sewage is backing up into your sink or shower 

-Your having to plunge your drains on a regular basis

-Or your toilets aren’t fully flushing

Then you’re likely past due for having your drains inspected and cleaned. Hydro-jetting can not only get your drains running smoothly again, but it will remove things like soap scum, grease and mineral deposit build-up that tend to line your drains, reducing the likelihood and frequency of future blockages resulting from toilet paper, hair, food and other flushed items.  

“Best service. When you are in a terrible situation I am at least lucky that we called the right place: so kind and down to earth. You are taken care of until the problem is solved with a full understanding of the actual problems, solutions and preventative measures. They will you through everything. Fair prices, responsive and you feel like a friend is taking good care of you. Thank you again Mike and Shawn.”

- Diane Wong - Google Review


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