We stand out in our industry by providing a gold standard level of service to our customers.

We Stand Out

We have the most advanced equipment and machinery in order to satisfy any concern regarding camera inspection, unblocking, and maintenance of drains.

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We have the most advanced equipment and machinery in order to satisfy any concern regarding camera inspection, unblocking, and maintenance of drains.

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Cassidy & Cassidy
Déblocage Montréal

We are drain specialists, fully insured and bonded. For years we have worked as plumbers, but recently gave up the glamour of plumbing to focus our efforts on one aspect: drains.

Cassidy & Cassidy
About Us

Mike and Sean Cassidy, father and son, have not only spent many years working in the drain unblocking business, but have over 50 years of combined experience in customer service. Realizing however, that this industry, as with many others, left a lot to be desired with regards to customer service, they branched out on their own last year and built Cassidy & Cassidy Déblocage/Unblocking.

This is a family-run business that has put everything on the line to bring back the level of customer service that today, sadly, has been largely lost and missed by many.

That being said, Cassidy & Cassidy not only brings expertise and state-of-the-art equipment to the table, they stand out because of the gold-standard level of customer service that they provide with each and every service call. This is a company that does uniquely stand out, at a time when honesty, integrity, dedication and respect for the customer is so hard to find.

Montreal camera drain inspection, consult with one of our specialists today!

We have invested in the most advanced equipment and machinery to ensure the highest quality results regarding your drain clearing needs. Few jobs are too big, and none are too small. We can accommodate everything from houses to hospitals and farms to factories. Maintenance contracts for both residential and commercial needs, as well as 24/7 emergency services are also available.

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Experts in Drain Care
What To Expect When You Call Cassidy & Cassidy
Reliable Service

Let’s face it, drain problems can become expensive very quickly. Put your faith in a company you can trust, that is not only reliable, but committed to providing an outstanding quality of service, 24/7.


Information and transparency are key. You will be involved in every step of the process from beginning to end and feel reassured of a job well done.

Highly Trained

We only employ highly trained professionals, with years of experience that have proven track records in customer relations and have the ability to assess your drain needs and provide a clear solution.

State of the Art

Our equipment is state of the art and fully mobile. This allows us to not only determine where the blockage has originated from, but our cameras can show you exactly what the problem was and that it has been resolved.

Should I have my drains checked?
  • I’m selling my house. Why not let the purchaser incur the expense of inspecting my pipes?
  • If my main sewer is blocked will the city pay some or all of the bill?
  • What is a back-water valve and how can I tell if I have one?
  • Is there any advantage of using a pressure machine over a rotor rooter-type machine?
Montreal Drain Unblocking | Cassidy & Cassidy Déblocage

We offer specialized hydrojet drain cleaning!

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Quality Drain Care
Our Services
Montreal Drain Unblocking | Cassidy & Cassidy Déblocage
We offer camera inspection of main drains, when people are buying or selling a house.

We can locate pipes before renovations are being done. We are locating backwater valves, as this has become a requirement in some municipalities, as well as locating main cleanout access points. We have also used camera technology to locate air ducts that have either not been installed properly or have become disconnected.

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Montreal Drain Unblocking | Cassidy & Cassidy Déblocage
We offer maintenance contracts in areas where drainage systems are more prone to blocking.

For example, iron ochre, oil and grease for restaurants, industrial chemicals, apartment and condo buildings, hospitals and centre d’accueils. We also offer maintenance contracts for French drains.

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Montreal Drain Unblocking | Cassidy & Cassidy Déblocage
Although some municipalities are no longer responsible for blockages on what used to be considered their side of the sewage line, many municipalities still assume that responsibility.

Therefore, it is in the homeowner’s best interest to determine exactly where the blockage is. Often this can save them hundreds, perhaps thousands of dollars.

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Montreal Drain Unblocking | Cassidy & Cassidy Déblocage
With a company name like Cassidy and Cassidy Déblocage, it’s no surprise that one of the main services we offer is unblocking.

Any pipe in your home or business that has started to gurgle or back up, we can clean. As of 2018 we have the latest and most advanced technologies in both Hydro-Jetting and camera inspection.

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