camera inspection job

Camera inspections can help you with:

- Pipe Locating

- Blockage Locating

- Back-water valve Location

- Determining the rate of iron ochre build-up or root infiltration

- Video-proof of the problem, and detailed solution

There are a lot of reasons to get a camera inspection, visit our blog to discover the 4 most common ones that could both save you headaches, and money!  

Buying or Selling a House?  

Piping and drainage issues can quickly become expensive for home-owners, and most standard house inspections will not verify the quality of your home's internal and external piping system. Getting a camera inspection of your pipes at this point, can help save you time, frustration and surprises later. The condition of your pipes typically cannot be confirmed without one!  

Older Homes:  

Over time, pipes can shift and junctions can become loose or leaky. Older pipes can also become damaged and corroded over time. Even small leaks over an extended period of time can result in extensive water damage inside your home.  

Newer Homes:  

Don't be fooled, problems don't only occur with older homes! Just had a new French Drain system installed? You would be surprised how often these get installed without ever being properly connected. This oversight can leave you with a flooded basement and swampy yard. A camera inspection can help verify that these connections were properly installed, and if they weren't, help you determine who's liable for the damage.

Iron Ochre?  

Some regions have a very high density of iron ochre, which can results in drain blockages occurring on a regular basis. Previous owners and real-estate agents may not be eager to disclose this information, as this regular maintenance could become costly and influence the final decisions of potential buyers. A camera inspection before you buy a new home can detect potential iron ochre issues, even in pipes that may have been recently cleaned.  

Already a home owner with iron ochre problems? The best way to prevent large recurring problems, is preventative maintenance. A camera inspection combined with hydrojetting can determine and fix the problem, then a planned second camera inspection later on can help you determine the severity and rate of the build up. This will allow you to plan ahead and schedule cleanings of your pipes at regular intervals, avoiding larger problems down the road. 

For more information on Iron Ochre, check out our blog.


Our state-of-the-art, specialized equipment allows us to quickly locate any blocked or damaged pipes, saving you time and money. Our specialized cameras can inspect drains of any size. Whether it's your bathroom/kitchen sink, or your sewer line, these digital cameras will provide you with the complete picture of what's going on.  

These flexible, water-proof cameras are equipped with transmitters, so that problem areas can be quickly and easily located. Our drain unblocking and cleaning services can then resolve the problem, all in the same service call. 

Camera inspections are great for preventative maintenance, and also help you determine the state of your pipes, and if there are any problem areas that may soon become a concern. Discover small problems before they turn into expensive ones, and save yourself a headache later on!  

Concerned the job wasn't well done the last time? Only Superman had X-ray vision. At Cassidy & Cassidy, you will be provided with the recorded video of the inspection, allowing you to follow with along with our Specialist from the problem to the solution. We also leave you with this video, so you can be rest assured of a job well done or use it for future reference.  

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Is the city digging up your street?

Nobody likes to have their front yard dug up, but mind as well take advantage of it when they do!

By having a camera inspection, it’s easy to determine the type of pipe you have and the condition of it. It also helps you determine whether the problems of the pipe are going to have to be addressed in the not-too-distant future.  

People that have to replace their sewage pipe would most certainly want to do it when their front yard is already getting dug up. The only thing worse than having your front yard dug up, is having to dig it up again right after!

Two other things you can do while the city digs up your street? The sewage pipe could be lowered to accommodate a new bathroom in the basement (if you wish), or maybe it's time to change your supply line to 3/4 or 1-inch pipes.

Most of the fixtures within our houses have restrictors for water conservation. Having said that, a number of people enjoy having showers with multiple jets, or they like to have a nice hot shower without freezing to death every time somebody flushes a toilet, etc., etc. Often, you will find the reason for this dilemma is that there is a ½-inch pipe coming into your house. We know the city has a connection for a ¾-inch pipe, so it would make perfect sense at this point to bring in a ¾ inch pipe. It would get you more water, that’s for sure.

For more details on the benefits of a camera inspection while the city digs up your street, visit our blog.

Iron ochre blockage

"Punctual and very professional. We needed to do a camera inspection of the French drain. They explained the process, described what we were seeing in the monitor, and gave me a copy of the video. Everything was put back and cleaned up before they left. They did a top-rate job. I highly recommend these guys. They are experienced, and they take the time to explain everything a homeowner needs to know. Thank you so much!”

- David Jackson - Google Review