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We are drain specialists. Fully insured and bonded. For years we have worked as plumbers, but recently gave up the glitz and glamour of plumbing to focus our efforts on one aspect; drains.

Like the Holiday Inn used to say. “The best surprise is no surprise at all”. When determining a price for your home, make sure you have all the facts. Once price has been agreed on and a prospective buyer does the inspection, any work needing to be done will come out of your pocket. Whaatt! You’re in the driver’s seat now. Stay there.

Most home-owners are under the mistaken impression that they are responsible for any problems between their house and the main water shut-off sticking out in their front yard, and the city’s responsibility is from that point forward to the street. That used to be the case, but in recent years a lot has changed. Today, some municipalities still assume that responsibility, while others don’t. One thing is for sure however, no one will assume any responsibility unless a proper camera inspection is performed.

A back-water valve is a device that prevents sewage from backing up into your basement. This sewage may be coming from a problem in the street, but more often than not, it is your main sewer pipe that is blocked. When this occurs, flushing toilets, taking showers or doing laundry and dishes can cause a nasty surprise downstairs. Some municipalities have sent letters to residents requesting confirmation that a back-water valve exists, is functioning and is accessible. A simple camera inspection can determine this, and a report made to that effect.

Absolutely! As it turns out you don’t need old pipes to cause you problems. We often unblock pipes that are sometimes only a few years old. How is that possible? Two main reasons: lack of water and lack of hot water. You could add garburators to the list as well, but more on that some other time. Over the years, we’ve gotten rid of normal flush toilets and replaced them with toilets that flush about one third the amount of water, if you’re lucky! Our washing machines and dishwashers use much less water and often cold. The majority of our calls for unblocking pipes in a house are caused by toilet paper, hard as rock soap and grease. Hydro Jetting (high pressure water machine) is the only method that can clean the inside of a pipe properly. The days of the old cable rooter are pretty much over. With proper equipment and technique, we can actually guarantee the work we’ve done. Who would’ve thunk?

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