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We are drain specialists. Fully insured and bonded. For years we have worked as plumbers, but recently gave up the glitz and glamour of plumbing to focus our efforts on one aspect; drains.


With a company name Cassidy and Cassidy Deblocage, it’s no surprise that one of the main services we offer is unblocking. Any pipe in your home or business that has started to gurgle or back up, we can clean. As of 2018 we have the latest and most advanced technologies in both Hydro-Jetting and camera inspection.


We offer maintenance contracts in areas where drainage systems are more prone to blocking. For example, iron ochre, oil and grease for restaurants, industrial chemicals, apartment and condo buildings, hospitals and centre d’accueils. We also offer maintenance contracts for French drains.


Although some municipalities are no longer responsible for blockages on what used to be considered their side of the sewage line, many municipalities still assume that responsibility. Therefore, it is in the homeowner’s best interest to determine exactly where the blockage is. Often this can save them hundreds, perhaps thousands of dollars. Our cameras are equipped with transmitters that allow us to locate above ground, precisely if the blockage is on the customers side or the city’s side.


We offer camera inspection of main drains, when people are buying or selling a house. We can locate pipes before renovations are being done. We are locating backwater valves, as this has become a requirement in some municipalities, as well as locating main cleanout access points. We have also used camera technology to locate air ducts that have either not been installed properly or have become disconnected. Hell, we’ve even had to locate a cat stuck in an air duct. Purrrty keen. Right?


We offer service contracts to home renovation centres, contractors, real estate companies, landlords. Please contact us for a quotation.


Often, when people are renovating their homes, they require a camera inspection for locating various pipes and drains under the floors. We are able to locate pipes necessary to connect to renovation plumbing, or additions.


Hydro-jetting will become the standard for unblocking any and all pipes. From a one-inch heat pump drain to a six-inch sewer pipe going to the street. The days of the old electric auger machine are numbered. Hydro-jetting is the only method that not only unblocks but actually cleans the pipe, giving you more years of care-free drainage. Hydro-jetting is a system where up to three thousand pounds of pressure is introduced into the pipe, and will eliminate grease, oil, sediment buildup, toilet paper, and any other forms of blockage. Unfortunately, whereas augers are able to unblock some situations, they are unable to evacuate debris left inside a drain.

Frozen sewer pipes are no problem at all. Hydro-Jetting is the option for clearing solid ice from sewage lines to city connections, French drains, and septic systems.


Currently, there are a number of municipalities that require confirmation of a working accessible back-water-valve. When floors are laid, they often cover any access, so the only way to determine whether you have a back-water-valve is by using our camera inspection service.

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